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Crystal: Orange Calcite

Affirmation(s): " I embrace change". "I am radiant". "I am vibrant".

Orange calcite is a powerful stone that brings joy to its surroundings. As you can see, its vibrancy is very noticeable. This radiant stone is for those who want a fresh boost of energy, allowing one to break free from of old habits.

Orange Calcite creates space for higher learning and creativity, allowing those who are curious to dive deeper into different levels of spirituality. This stone will act as an enhancer when it comes to your imagination, fueling you with a boost of inspiration. This stone is recommended to have nearby when creating projects, vision boards, or wanting to solve a problem that needs complex thinking.

Orange calcite brings vibrancy, color and animation. If you're looking for fun in a crystal, this stone is for you.                      

We show and assortment as each crystal is natural and will vary. All the stones are similar, but none are exactly the same.

You will receive one Orange Calcite .

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